Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Signs, Signs

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When we went to visit Mendocino (Northern California coast) last year, it was abalone season. Poaching is a big problem I believe because the authorities even set up check points to make sure that poaching is stopped.



  1. Sadly signs aren't always as prohibitive as they're meant to be, some people are brazen enough to carry on regardless.
    Particularly in the case of speeding signs.
    I've actually eaten Abalone at a Chinese restaurant, it was rather good, such along time ago, I don't think it is fished around our shores as the waters are too cold, or I should think so.

    Best wishes

  2. Nothing will stop some people!

  3. Beautiful photo, and I hope the sign has some good effect.

  4. Good luck to the authorities on this one.

  5. If there are so many checkpoints, then clearly there is a dire need for such signs. A tough one to stop.

  6. when i was a kid, a house we moved into had tons of abalone shells in the backyard. if i remember correctly, the owners before us worked at sea world. we used the shells for lots of things!

  7. That's a beautiful field of grasses and flowers.

    I've eaten Abalone once when visiting family in the Bay area. It was very good, as I recall. Also had a pair of Abalone shell earrings at one time.


  8. If you watch carefully will you see abalone go past? Interesting sign, but sad that they are being poached.


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