Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Signs, Signs

2014_08_17 123

Spotted in Castroville, California - known was the artichoke capital of the world. You don't believe? See the sign below!

2014_08_17 127
Oh okay, the sign says center and I said capital - same difference.



  1. I always thought somewhere in the south of France.

  2. If this BBQ place has real Texas style BBQ it should be great. I've been through Castroville, but never been there for the artichoke festival. That would also be fun,

  3. I do believe because Dear and I were there on our honeymoon!

  4. Who doesn't love a Texas sign? Even if it's in California?? :-)

    I like artichokes, but always feel it's a lot of effort for very little actual food.

  5. Unique sign design in the first photo and incredible to have a festival based on artichokes. But it would be a tourist draw card I imagine.

  6. Been there done that (but I would always believe you even if we hadn't proved it for ourselves). Both signs make me hungry ... ))

  7. I've not eaten many artichokes, but a festival could be a good way to learn to like them!


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