Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Hunt #259: Technical/Focus

Deviled egg by M'roy
Deviled egg, a photo by M'roy on Flickr.

For someone like me whose culinary adventures always find a disastrous end, I realized that those who can make a simple dish like deviled egg out of this world delicious are those who have mastered the technical skills in the kitchen and put local fresh and quality ingredients the focus of their dish.




  1. Yes that person definitely has mastered the techniques and the art. That is a deviled egg like no deviled egg I've ever seen before. A work of art! (I can slap them together and they taste OK).

    Re: your comment on my blue skies --- they make me happy too -- I didn't mean to complain about them. It's just that plain blue skies don't make very good subjects for photos -- so I used the flowers for contrast.

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!!! clever take on the themes, happy weekend.


  3. Great take on the themes. That is beautiful food and also looks delicious.

  4. My first time to join SAturday Photo Hunt.. I love your site. Wish you could visit mine too!

  5. culinary skills requires artistic abilities, too, i believe. who will not be tempted to try that deviled egg?

  6. Precisely because my cooking ability is not great, I go and eat out A LOT! ;D


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